Music often plays an active role in the life of children. Singing and playing with music and musical instruments is important in each and every culture. From the time a child is born, parents use children’s songs to calm and soothe babies, as well as interact and play with them. Not only is music a fantastic way to become engaged with your child, but it has been shown that music can help accelerate brain development in children, especially within language development and reading skills. It helps the mind and body work together.

Sometimes, parents are unaware of the lyrics their children are listening to. Listening to music that has a poor choice of lyrics is shown to affect schoolwork, mood, behavior, and other factors in children. In newer music, lyrics often reference drugs, violence, and other negative messages. That is why we offer children’s songs that are appropriate for your young listener’s ears.

Geeh The Band creates kids songs that will get your toddlers and young children up dancing and singing. Instead of traditional kids songs that you’ve heard over and over or inappropriate songs on the radio, tune into our songs for songs about friendships, holidays, goals, the world, and other appropriate messages. Put on our music and let your kids dance their hearts out.

We are on our third album, “Evolve”, and have a game app for your child to enjoy. Keep up to date with the latest things happening. Take a look below at our free kids songs.

Stay up to date with all of the fun things we’ve been up to! When we are not singing children’s songs, we are busy exploring, making friends, celebrating holidays and more! Come on our journey with us and learn all about making friends and new places! Maybe you’ll learn a new song along the way!