Our groovy, 70s inspired friend, Groove, spends a majority of his free time spinning old vinyl records (before music was just a click away!) and tapping deep into himself. Groove believes everyone should be true to themselves, even though in this day of age it may be difficult.

When Groove wakes up in the morning, self love is the first thing on his mind. After making his bed and moving over to his living space, he sits down and begins his mediation for the day. Groove feels that if you connect with yourself at the beginning of the day, it will translate to the rest of your day! Groove loves basking in the beauty of silence and enjoy the time he has to himself before work.

After his meditation, Groove heads to the kitchen! As a master chef (at least he thinks so) Groove enjoys cooking up crepes, a very popular dish in the 1970s. Once his belly is full, he throws on his rainbow bandana and heads off to the music studio to record music with the rest of the band.

Groove doesn’t own a car, instead he bikes everywhere in Garlywood. During his bike rides, he plays close attention to the actions of others around him and searches for musical inspiration with every stride. Groove believes that the positive energy you put out into the world will come back to you, so he makes sure to smile when he meets eyes with his neighbors.

Once his bike is safely parked by the recording studio, Groove runs to his percussion section and begins to jam out before any of the other band members arrive! The percussion section of an orchestra most commonly contains instruments such as timpani, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, triangle and tambourine. The bass drum is Grooves favorite because it is able to produce low and powerful sounds to accompany the rest of the instruments in the band.

The band usually gets together for dinner on the weekdays and tonight it’s Groove’s turn to cook the meal! What’s on the menu? A savory crepe overflowing with delicious and healthy ingredients like spinach and mushrooms.

As Groove heads back to his home for the evening, he stares up at the moon and the nature all around him. It’s easy to miss what’s happening when you’re too busy worrying. Groove doesn’t like to worry – he thinks it’s unproductive!

Before bed, Groove sips on some calming chamomile tea before his nightly meditation session. We have a feeling he dreams of crepes and bass drums.