Right in the middle of childhood and adulthood are preteens. At this time, preteens are unaware of who they are and are still very much learning about life in general. Instead of viewing this time with some dread (a lot of eye rolling is to come!) we can view this as a time to motivate our kids! So, how do we motivate them?

  1. Let them have a say

Instead of just saying “because I said so”, discuss with them what chores they would prefer to do around the house.

  1. Let them learn from failure

Instead of stepping in to rescue your preteen or teen after any failure, let them learn from their failure. No parent wants to see their kids fail, but it is through failure that we grow and learn to improve.

  1. Make it achievable

Are there any specific chores or homework assignments your child always seems to put off? Break the task up into smaller, more achievable tasks so they don’t seem so overwhelming.

Our final tip? Make it fun!