We know getting in front of people can be scary. Your palms get sweaty and you can feel that people are watching you. Your heart races at the thought of making a mistake, but the show must go on and we have some tips on how to conquer stage fright.

  1. Remind yourself that the audience is there to see YOU

The crowd took the time to come watch you perform, so smile because you are important and so talented.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Practice your performance over and over until you have it memorized. This way there will be nothing to be nervous about on the day of the performance. Practicing will give you confidence in yourself. You got this!

  1. Turn your nerves into excitement

Jump for joy backstage that you get to showcase your talents. Laugh and smile a lot on the day of performance and your attitude will radiate through your stage fright. Be excited that the audience can’t wait to hear you play!