The appropriate age for cell phone usage seems to be lowering every year. Whether your children have their own cell phones or are exposed to them through their peers, here are a few tips on how to make sure they’re safe in the digital world.

Don’t Answer Texts or Calls From Numbers You Don’t Know

This is a good for all children to learn. Just like not talking to strangers, not talking to strangers via the internet is just as important.

Being Nice Online

Sometimes when kids get behind a screen it can be easier for them to say (or read) hurtful things on the internet. Talk to your children about the importance of treating people with respect online and offline.

Block Numbers

Inform your child that he or she can block any number that might be sending unwanted texts or calls.

Check out Privacy Settings

Just like your computer, your cell phone has many privacy settings you can use to protect your child.

Limit Usage

Make sure to limit their usage. It’s important to make sure kids know the difference between the real world and the digital world. Plus, fresh air is always a plus!