Geeh The Band and has some musical knowledge to share with you! Did you know that music enhances learning in young children? Many studies from institutions continue to explore the benefits of music for in kids! Let’s talk about all the ways children benefit from their favorite music!

  1. Up says: “It makes your brain stronger!”

There are an increasing numbers of studies conducted by higher education institutions that continue to prove exposure to music gives kids a mental advantage! Music has been proven to enhance academic success, as it uses parts of the brain that develop reading, math, and language development! It has also been shown that children who study music by playing instruments themselves have an improved ability to focus in on abstract ideas. There’s a lot to gain from kids learning and experiencing music!

  1. Groove says: “Music makes your memory awesome.”

In addition to the brain power music gives developing brains, did you know it also improves memory? This is closely related to the enhancement of focus and learning but was so important; we thought it needed its own mention! Increased focus in the parts of the brain the interpret music (rhythms, beats, lyrics, patterns, etc.) also play a big role in developing memory skills in other academic facets!

  1. Melody says: “Music makes friends!”

Music builds confidence and in doing so, encourages kids to break out of their shell! Experts say that learning to play a musical instrument increases confidence and social skills by allowing them to relate to teachers, their peers, and their audiences! Ensembles teach students team building lessons and discipline. So grab some friends and make some music!

  1. Mid says: “Music teaches patience.”

Kids who learn how to play or interpret music are earning really valuable lesson in patience. You can’t make beautiful music without knowing how to wait your turn to play your part! You won’t be a master musician the first time you pick up an instrument, patience and practice is the key!

  1. Loop says: “Music is a great way to express yourself.”

Music isn’t all learning and focus. Of course, music is fun! Music, either the kind we listen to or the kind we play, provides kids with arguably the best outlet for expression we have! Music provides kids with experiences in happiness, excitement and other emotions we can’t get anywhere else. Don’t fight the feeling, get up and dance!

  1. Cue says: “Learning is cool!”

Learning new songs gives us constant learning material! Whether your kids are making new beats themselves or learning the lyrics to their favorite Geeh The Band songs, music is a tool that encourages kids to continue to learn fun and entertaining material.

  1. Tune says: “Creativity is super important”

Tune talked about how important self expression is, but overall, music expresses creativity! Writing it, listening to it, dancing to it, laughing to it, whatever creative juices that music encourages in your kids, encourage it!
Geeh The Band’s uplifting, fun beats are the perfect way to get your kids into music! Download some of our tunes here.