Oh yes, January 1st. The time for all resolutions to magically fall in place. Realistically, it’s impossible to change overnight! Bad habits take time to break and new habits take time to maintain. Instead of focusing on your physical health (which is very important!) we are focusing on your mental health. We believe that if you’re mind is happy and healthy, your body will follow.

Drink water as soon as you wake up
When we wake up, especially if we pressed snooze a few times, it’s easy to grab a coffee to go and run out the door. Before you drink the coffee, before you leave the house, maybe even before you get out of bed, drink a full glass of water! Your body has been in sleeping mode for at least eight hours (hopefully) and needs to be recharged. This will not only help with your energy throughout the day, but also keep you from overeating in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Don’t “plug in” immediately
Many of us sleep with our phones or computers right next to us. When we awaken, we tend to grab our phones to see the time or perhaps see what we’ve missed on social media. This is a great habit to break! When the sun pours into the room, try to keep yourself from jumping in the digital world for at least a few minutes. Take a stretch, do a short meditation, bask in the beauty of silence for a few moments – do something for yourself! The digital world will be there when you get back, we promise.

Don’t rush
Yes, we know. This may be impossible to avoid on some days. If you begin your day rushed, it can easily follow you throughout the day. Instead of enjoying the moments of the day, you’ll be rushing from place to place until you find yourself back in bed. Take your time. Be present. Enjoy your life in 2017.